May 1-3, 2020

What's included

The 6th Annual Hockey Fights MS Massachusetts Tournament will take place May 1-3, 2020.  All proceeds from this event will benefit multiple sclerosis research and rehabilitation.  This year's beneficiary will be announced soon.  All games will be played at The Edge Sports Center in Bedford, MA.  Registration is open to Women's (C, D) and recreational co-ed teams.  The tournament schedule will be posted on our website approximately two weeks before the start of the tournament.

Player fee includes:

  • 4 game guarantee starting at 5:00pm on Friday.  All players will play a 4th game on Sunday.  Games will consist of three 12-minute stop time periods. 

  • Tournament t-shirt guaranteed to players who register before April 10, 2020.

  • Your team's donation to The Elliot Lewis Center for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Special gift for champions in each division and winning team's name placed on official Hockey Fights MS trophy.

  • Competitive divisions determined based on the information provided by players at the time of registration.

  • Game reminders sent to your phone via email.  Game results and standings will be also be promptly updated on our tournament website throughout the weekend as well as Twitter at @HockeyFightsMS.

  • Opportunity to purchase tournament merchandise, team photos and action shots onsite as well as online.

  • SAVE $5 when you register and pay before March 1, 2020!


Team Rules

  • Teams must have a minimum of 10 fully registered players and 1 fully registered goalie prior to the team registration deadline to qualify (April 1, 2020).  Captains will then have approximately two weeks to finalize their rosters.

  • All players must be at least 18 years old by prior to the start of the tournament and can only be rostered on one team.

  •  All players must register and pay online in order to participate.  Unregistered players caught playing in the tournament will be ejected immediately and the game will result in a forfeit for the offending team.

  • No substitutions or last minute add-ons – ALL players must be on the official roster.

  • Co-Ed teams must have a minimum of three players of the opposite gender on their roster (excluding goaltender).  At least one player of the opposite gender (excluding goaltender) must be on the ice at all times.  Failure to comply will result in a goal being awarded to the opposite team.

  • Players should bring both light and dark jerseys, including numbers on the back.  Home team wears white, away team wears dark.

  • Players must sign the score sheets located at the registration table before the start of each game and should come prepared to present a valid photo ID.

Game Rules


USA Hockey Adult rules will be observed with the following exceptions:

  • Minor penalties will be 1:30, Major penalties will be 3:00

  • Any player receiving 4 minor penalties in one game will be ejected from the remainder of the game with no further suspension.

  • Fighting majors will result in immediate suspension from the tournament, no exceptions and no refunds!

  • Hockey Fights MS reserves the right to ban players from participating in future tournaments due to unsportsmanlike behavior.

"I absolutely love this tournament! It's so much fun to play in and it's so easy to be a part of thanks to your awesome tournament management team. Thanks to everyone for making it such a success. Excited for the VT 10th anniversary next year!"


- Vermont Tournament Player (July 2016)

Register your team, yourself, or as a free agent

Team Deadline:

Player Deadline:

April 1, 2020

April 17, 2020

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Tournament Photography

Philmar Photography is our official, on-site, tournament photographer! They are on site during the tournament and have both actual and digital photographs available for purchase. Team packages available as well!


The Elliot Lewis Center for Multiple Sclerosis

The Elliot Lewis Center for Multiple Sclerosis Care is one of the largest multiple sclerosis centers in all of New England. The Center offers individualized guidance, education, and support to patients with multiple sclerosis and their families. Located in Wellesley, MA, ELC offers the highest level of expert diagnosis, access to treatment, the latest clinical research trials and convenient on-site infusion.

The Elliot Lewis Center works with patients beyond treatment in the office; the center has a non-profit organization, The ELC Foundation, to fund support groups, educational programs and a Financial Assistance Program.

Hockey Fights MS has chosen to donate the funds raised by our annual Massachusetts Tournament to The ELC Foundation. We will provide financial support to the Foundation which will be used to continue and add programs for patients with multiple sclerosis. To learn more about the Center, and the Foundation, please visit and

Как это выглядит и что будет происходить?

Мы приезжаем к вам в оговоренное в заявке время и место. Настраиваем оборудование. Далее один человек одевает очки виртуальной реальности, берет в руки контроллеры и под наблюдением представителя компании погружается в виртуальный мир или игру, по его выбору. Все остальные становятся зрителями или участниками совместной игры и видят происходящее на большом экране.

Сколько человек может играть?

Единовременно играет один человек, на котором одеты очки 360 (шлем) виртуальной реальности. Но все остальные видят "его глазами" происходящее на плазменной панели, которую мы также устанавливаем в месте игры.

Какие требования к помещению?

Необходимо свободное пространство от 4 до 12 кв. метров. Для работы оператора требуется 2 кв. метра и подключение к стандартной электрической розетке.

Время настройки оборудования учитывается в сроке аренды шлема виртуальной реальности?

Нет. Срок аренды отсчитывается с того момента, как сотрудник компании сообщит Вам, что оборудование настроено и готово к использованию. В среднем на это требуется около 30 минут, просьба учитывать это при заказе и выборе времени начала.

Какое оборудование используется?

Мы предлагаем оборудование от HTC Vive - VR шлем с контроллерами и базовыми станциями, для отслеживания положения играющего в пространстве, т.к. это наиболее совершенная технология для взаимодействием с виртуальным миром на сегодняшний день. Также в месте игры мы установим компьютер, стол, стул и монитор для зрителей.

Какие варианты оплаты?​

Мы принимаем как наличный так и безналичный расчет.


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